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Whether you are a seasoned adrenaline junkie or a novice, there are option suiting all abilities.

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Adventure in Himalayas

Himalaya is a mountain range with a personality of its own. You may ascend atop a peak and say that you have conquered it, yet the fact remains that Himalayas alone have that invincible look about them. The caring lap of the Himalayas afford you so many adventure options that it takes a while for you to figure out where to begin. The adventure activities in Himalaya are so designed so as to grip your attention in one go. Though you get umpteen options with the wildlife of these areas as well but that is a bonus and we are not talking about that.

The peaks that never stop even if they have reached the skies, rivers that nobody has ever thought of ever restricting, glaciers, passes and valleys ... these all combine to form the great Himalayan range. Reaching the top of a peak, crossing a challenging river, driving through the tough mountain roads provide you the thrills that cannot be matched by any other option.

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The massifs of the Himalayas offer ample adventure doses both for the novice and the seasoned alike. Tourists from all across the globe flock the hilly terrain and its untamed rivers cascading down from high altitude.
If you are planning an adventure holiday in the Himalayan region, there is no better way then to try out the Jeep safari. Generally the Himalayan region is looked upon as a mountain climber's or trekker's destination,...
Cycling in Himalayas
Mountain biking or cycling in the Himalayan region is one of the most difficult, thrilling and demanding adventure sports that you could opt for. It is an ideal sport for those who like to push themselves to the limits.
Trekking in Himalayas
Though biking is the best way to cover large distances in the mountain regions, the tougher terrain may restrict the bikers. Trekking makes it possible to reach the pristine mountains and to access places unapproachable by other means.
Skiing in Himalaya
The Himalayas which are a favourite destination among skiing partisans from all over the world are one of the main reasons for the popularity of the sport in the last decade.