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Mountain Biking

The moment you have a look at the mighty and majestic Himalayas, you are inspired to accept challenging as well as demanding tasks that are definitely not run of the mill stuff. Don't be surprised if you are back in shape after you are through with the tour. If you have always admired the rough and tough guys undertaking adventure activities, now is the time you joined them so that you may become your own role model.

Mountain Cycling in Himalayas Tourism is not an impersonal activity anymore when you are biking or cycling through the Himalayas for you can do things that were difficult earlier. You can stop by the roadside, talk to the people in the countryside, stop at the villages to find out more about their way of life. The activity of mountain biking is an adventure which combines travel with local culture which results in a never before travel experience ... ah, we forgot to mention the astounding landscapes because we felt that it'd be taken for granted anyway.

We'd like to mention cycling separately because it is physically more demanding and throws up more challenges than usual. It is neither for those with a faint heart nor for the ones who are not keeping fit. At the end of your tour, you might be feeling bit tired or backache but you know in your heart that the effort has been worth it.
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Major Routes for Mountain Biking/ Cycling
There is no dearth of options in the Himalayas but Ladakh is the usual and popular choice to start your tour because you get a real sense of adventure when you start off from the cold desert of India. Your adventure menu from which you get to choose is a varied one as you can start from a light introductory ride and go on to the ultimate challenge, travelling through the ancient trade routes which are in the highest Himalayan ranges.

Mountain Biking in LadakhTerai of Uttaranchal
You may start here from an area where you may not have to exert yourself a lot. Start from Thakurdwara and cycle your way to Ramnagar which is on the periphery of the Corbett Park. Not tired yet? Good. You have a beautifully landscaped route as you move on with your journey. This road runs through Kaladhungi, and goes up to Haldwani. Get onto a bus at Haldwani and go to Nainital. From there you can go up to Ranikhet which is a difficult slope which may be covered by bus as well.

Himachal Pradesh to Uttaranchal
The state of Himachal Pradesh also offers some of the most exciting cycling routes for the cycling adventure lovers. You may choose to start from Kumarhatti and go on to Shimla – Kalka road. Then after riding through the deep forests you reach Sarahan which is a small Tehsil town. Then you move to Nahan, which is a comparably easier road to negotiate as you only have to go downhill from here. The other destinations that you cover afterwards are Markanda river, Aasan Barrage, Doon Valley, Siwaliks at Timli. Book Your Tour

Mussoorie to Rari Pass
Reach Mussoorie by loading your cycle onto a bus, then cycle along a rising road and reach Dhanaulti then move onto Surkhanda Devi temple to reach Chamba. The town of Chamba may be submerged by the waters of the Tehri Dam which is a controversial issue here. You leave the town to its fate and reach the Rari pass afterwards.