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Trekking in Himalayas

Trekking in Himalaya When you look at the map, notice the knot between India, China and Myanmar. This is the place in the east where the grand Himalayas originate from and go on to Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, Kumaon, Garhwal ... don't stop here as the chain goes up to Kinnaur, Spiti, Ladakh and East Karakoram. India is vast and so is the Himalaya which forms the northern boundary of India. The climate as well as geography here are complicated here so you'll definitely need expert help. But you also need to plan carefully about where to go, when to go and specially regarding your budget. You'll need some time to get used to India and once you do that, everything else begins to click.

The first glimpse of Himalayas is itself going to be quite stunning, so ... be prepared for one of the most spectacular mountain ranges of the world.

Himalaya is a system of mountains and the most impressive world unto itself. When you get to the heights, you become one with the landscape which is an amazing experience which is beyond your imagination. The treks that we have designed for you take into account every factor related to you. We realize that you might be a novice with little trekking experience, or you might be an experienced trekker used to the heights. Our treks begin from easy adventure to the strenuous ones for those who are really adventurous. Book Your Tour

A Typical Himalayan Trekking Day
6 a. m. is the time when we'll wake you up for tea. The breakfast time is 7 a. m. after which you'll walk for six to seven hours on an average. We'll serve you packed lunch en route. Your arrival destination will be readied by the porters before you reach the place at about 3 or 4 p. m. The dinner will be served early.

Ladakh Trekking (High)
Ladakh Trekking In the earlier days the region was out of bounds for the normal tourists so when it was opened to tourism there was a buzzing excitement in the tourism circles. The initial treks only covered Leh and some surrounding villages. The Markha Valley trek and Lamayuru - Padum route trek were the most popular ones in those days. Now as the adventure tourism is gathering some momentum, some unexplored areas are also being seen as exiting trekking options.

Areas such as Suru and Zanskar valleys are increasingly getting popular among the trekkers. The treks that originate from Panikhar in the Suru valley lead you to different destinations in Kashmir and Kishtwar valleys. If you are looking for more challenging treks, then Rangdum is the place for you to be in.

Garhwal and Kumaon Trekking (Moderate)
The Garwal region is a delight for the trekkers. The place is scenic, comprising high mountain valleys and lakes as well as some streams and some of India's greatest rivers. Some of the major trekking regions of Garhwal are Harkidun, Tons Valley and Ruinsara Tal, Dodi Tal, Darwa Top, Yamunotri and Khatling Glacier region. The major trekking regions in Kumaon are Pindari Glacier, Kafni Glacier Trek etc.

Kashmir Valley Trekking (High)
Trekking constitutes a major portion of the adventure sports in Kashmir valley, though Ladakh is more famous for its treks. Gulmarg is an excellent base in case you want to trek in the northern Pir Panjal range.Sonmarg is another major starting point for several important treks. Book Your Tour

Amarnath Trekking (Moderate)
This trek also falls within the Kashmir Valley treks but is hugely popular due to the fact that it leads straight to the Amarnath cave, which is one of the holiest naturally occurring shrines. All the stages of the trek are carefully controlled by the government.

Himachal Trekking (Moderate to High)
There are four mountain ranges running parallel to one another in Himachal Pradesh which creates several valleys and passes for you which are breathtaking for treks to say the least. The Dhauladhar alone has about 24 passes and 12 over Pir Panjal range. Himachal is a real windfall for the trekkers. Trekker at Kongmaur-la Pass in Ladakh

Darjeeling (Low to Moderate) and Sikkim (Moderate to High) Trekking
The Himalayas in its eastern parts has some of the best trekking routes including some low altitude treks in the lower regions of Darjeeling. Other famous trekking routes are Darjeeling-Batast-Tonglo-Sandakphu-return, Singalila trek and Kalimpong treks. The popular Sikkim treks are trek to Tendong Hill, trek to Menam Hill, Darjeeling/ Gangtok-Pemanyangtse-Yoksum-Dzongri trek etc.

Essential Points that you should keep in mind during Trekking in Himalayas
All the visitors should have valid documents such as passports and visa in their possession. Before planning your trip, it is advised that you should undergo medical check up to ensure that you do not feel discomfort at high altitudes. Trekking equipments such as trekking boots, running shoes, down jacket, wind and rain gear, flash light with extrabatteries, sunglasses etc. Optional things such as camera and film, binoculars also should be added to your bag. Book Your Tour

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