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You must make a trip here to come across with experiences that excite, romanticize and chill at the same time.

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Himalayan Destinations

It will not hit the headlines if we say that the Himalayas are the mightiest mountain range in the world. But then that's not our purpose either, we are simply stating a fact. It is situated in the north of India and is spread across Asia. All the fourteen highest peaks of the world are located here. Three major river systems originate here and these mountain ranges are also known as a spiritual centre which have attracted innumerous pilgrims since ancient times. There are unlimited winter sports options so your vacations need not be confined to summers only.

The nature lovers are going to enjoy this bouquet of Himalayan attractions without any bounds whereas the pilgrims will feel blessed in these divine mountains as it is considered sacred by the followers of various religions. There are several beautiful temples in the Himalayas which are architectural marvels which include Kedarnath, Badrinath and other attractions.

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Tea Garden, Darjeeling
India, a singluar destination in its right, offers a number of sites nestled in the Himalayas providing experiences of a lifespan.
Monasteries, Nepal
Set up in the valley of the Himalayas, Nepal is a land of imperial beauty, ancient temples and some of the finest trekking trails on the planet.
National Memorial Stupa, Bhutan
Cuddled up between Tibet and India, Bhutan is a country which exhibits nature in its grandest form. The pristine environs, lush valleys, unending chain of mountains, peaceful culture...
Buddhist Monasteries, Tibet
Situated on the highest plateau in the world, Tibet remained secluded until the beginning of the twentieth century when it started gaining popularity amongst the tourists and adventure seekers from all over the world.

The Himalayas are not mere rocks and snows but an ubfailing storehouse of adventure and beauty.

You may not be a pilgrim at first hand but you'll soon become one as you arrive here!

Accommodations that come coupled with galvanising environs for a stay of its kind...