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Chandra Tal Trek

Season :- Mid July to Mid September
Duration :- 2 or 3-day drive, 6 day trek
Destination :- Manali - Batal - Chandra Tal - Topo Gongma - Topo Yongma - Baralacha La - Leh

Chandra Tal Lake With the opening of the road from Manali to Leh various new areas for trekking have opened up. One of the most fascinating of these is the Lahoul Valley, drained by two mighty rivers, the Chandra and the Bhaga. Both start on a 16,000 ft (4,890 m) pass - the Baralacha la - in opposite directions and later join each other to form the Chenab, which is one of the biggest tributaries of the Indus. This trek explores the upper reaches of the Chandra river and goes up to its source on the Baralacha la, where it joins the Manali/Leh highway. The highlight of the trek is Chandra Tal or Moon Lake, which stands out sharply among the towering peaks and barren beauty of Lahoul.

Highlights of your trek starts from Manali onwards and end up in Manali. Manali is well connected by road and flight from Delhi and further arrangements will be provided as per the request. You may opt an overland drive to Leh which will be another for 02 nights three days travel by road.

Day 01 : Drive Manali to Batal - 07 to 08 hours
The trip starts from Manali, located at the head of the lush green Kulu valley. The road slowly winds its way up the Rohtang Jot (13,124 ft/3,978 m) and enters Lahoul - a stark contrast of rugged mountains and fast flowing rivers . The road follows the Chandra river upto Batal, a small town located at a crossroads. From here one could continue into the Spiti Valley, an area still closed for trekking. Camp is set near the road.

Day 02 : Trek Batal to Chandra Tal
The trek starts on the left bank of the Chandra river. After a couple of hours of gentle walking, a large meadow is approached, a favourite grazing area with a multitude of shepherds huts. These shepherds come from the Kangra valley and it takes them months of travelling with their flocks to get there. Two ravines are then crossed, followed by a long stretch of stony ground, crossing a tiny stream, up a grassy slope and on to Chandra Tal, where camp is set.Book Your Tour

Day 03 : At Chandra Tal
Spend the day exploring the Samundari glacier and the lake's environs.
"In its lower reaches it turned a dark grey and then suddenly disappeared at the edge of a deep-green plain of grass which fell and rose in a mighty billow, before dropping to the river bank in a steep and sudden cascade.

"On our side of the valley the Chandra Tal lay in the centre of a huge bowl of grassy downs, covered with a closely woven pattern of edilweiss, forget-me-nots and buttercups, rippling and shimmering with every gust of wind. Beyond the lake, rocky crags rose to a height of 2,000 feet and from all sides snow-covered peaks looked down on us. The lake itself is a marvel of loveliness.

It is three-quarters of a mile long and three furlongs in breadth. Its colour varies between deep green and greenish blue. As we came up to it from the south it looked bright green, like a shining turquoise placed on a cloth of green baize. From where we camped at the northern end of the grassy plain, it was deep greenish blue - the colour of lapis lazuli."

Baralacha LaDay 04 - 05 : Trek Chandra Tal - Topo Gongma
This stretch of about 14 to 16 km is best done in two stages. The route starts with a series of ups and downs through steep ravines and boulder-strewn fields. As you progress further, you come out on grassy flat land which slopes up to snowclad ridges. Snow cocks can be heard and even sighted. After about three hours, the trail winds down a knoll which has a steep precipice to the river far down to the left. You now pass through glacier debris and scree, a stretch of about two hours' rough walking, before reaching the campsite late afternoon.
The second day's walk is easier and camp is set about a kilometre away from the river bank on a grassy meadow.

Day 06 : Trek Topo Gongma - Topo Yongma
Start out early this morning, since this stream has to be crossed while the flow of water is less earlier in the day. At about 15,000 ft (4,600 m) the water is icy cold and getting all the horses across will take over an hour. A short walk along the Chandra, before the path opens out on a broad plateau where camp is set on a delightful grassy plain with tiny streams flowing through it.The campsite provides a glorious panoramic view of snow covered peaks.Book Your Tour

Day 07 : Trek Topo Yongma - Baralacha La
The walk starts with the crossing of the Topo Yongma. A steep descent is made down the plateau along a precipitous path to the bottom of the ravine, 500 ft (150 m) below the camping ground. The stream crossing is possible only in autumn, when the level of water is quite low. The option is to climb steeply up the mountainside to a snow bridge high up on the Gongma. The path up from now on is easier, crossing along grassy stretches, alternated with stony patches. The gentle gradient slowly reaches the top of the pass, which is barely noticeable since the pass itself is a broad saddle - a long and rambling neck of high land connecting the central mountains with the main Himalayan range. On the pass join the main highway to Leh, where vehicles will be waiting. Camp is set here for the night.

Day 08 : Drive Baralacha - Leh
Start early in the morning on the two-day drive to Leh. alternatively, you can return to Manali.